Corporate Directory

Corporate Directory

Corporate Directory


Mr Stephen Power
Executive Chairman

Mr Roger Mason
Managing Director

Mr Mark Rodda
Non-Executive Director

Mr Peter Buck
Non-Executive Director

Mr Gary Johnson
Non-Executive Director


Company Secretary

Mr Simon Robertson

Registered and Principal Office

Level 2/16 Ord Street
West Perth WA 6005
Tel: +61 8 9481 1103
Fax: +61 8 9481 0117


Share Registrar

Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd
Level 11/172 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Telephone: +61 1300 787 272
Facsimile: +61 8 9323 2033



BDO Audit (WA) Pty Ltd
38 Station Street
Subiaco WA 6008


Securities Exchange Listing

Antipa Minerals Limited securities
are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

Shares: AZY